What is the meaning behind the Hound Dog Sports name?

HDS was named in honor of Blue and Melody, who are respectively our bloodhound and basset hound. We wanted to find a way to pay homage to them due to the sheer emotional support and joy they’ve provided us over the years. We devised the HDS brand to convey our “passion” to others to cultivate a “pack of passion”, which our beloved dogs have done for us!

When was HDS founded and where are the operations located?

HDS was founded originally in 2014 and operates out of the city of Sanford in Florida near the First Coast within Seminole County. We can be found at various sporting trade shows throughout the Southeast. Make sure to follow HDS on Facebook for updates!

How does Hound Dog Sports help me “Find Passion” in life?

Passion is subjective and has a different meaning to everyone. To some, passion means getting a promotion or traveling the world, but others it could mean rock climbing or skydiving. The brand to us means that and much more. This is reflected in our quality products with reasonable prices because we want to spread the message. Ultimately, we want to help EVERYONE accomplish their PASSION!

Does Hound Dog Sports sell merchandise outside of the United States?

HDS is primarily focusing our online sales within the USA during our soft launch, but please inquire for international orders.

How does HDS protect my information when making online purchases?

We will never share personal information with third parties and all transactions are made securely by Stripe, which is our secure payment partner.